Improvement Works arranges training, advice and coaching to provide you with suitable solutions to improve performance and efficiency whilst enjoying the work.

We have a very interesting set of methods we can offer to work together with you on optimising your processes. We proudly mention our areas of expertise: KaiZen, Total Quality Management (TQM), Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC), PDCA and Quality Function Deployment (QFD).

 Our services


we focus on specific support, expertise and advice when changing and optimising projects and processes. The scope of our services runs from consulting, project management and interim management, trough process management and document management. Ready-made solutions will not be of interest to you. We think it is essential for you to know that we have a good understanding of your specific situation and of your wishes. We therefore gladly arrange for an intake to enable us to list your expectations and to map your requirements, so we can provide you with an offer for a suitable solution.


the trainings we offer are focussed both on individuals as well as on teams. We ofer you complete a custom built training program called LITO (Lean In The Office). The program enhances the efficiency and results in a sustained change in behaviour. As former licenced PEP®Worldwide member we have delivered PEP® for 10 years. Read comments of participants of the PEP® course
We also offer trainings and workshops for teams, under the header "The Works". These trainings and workshops focus on optimisation of communication, group processes, policy deployment and change management.


Improvement Works offers very effective and valuable support, guidance and training to programmes, projects, and processes. We can provide solutions to managers and their teams subject to changing conditions, whether or not resulting from negative and/or critical situations. By accepting the role of expert, or personal coach and guide, we will support the persons involved in creating an accepted and realistic corrective action plan.


Everything is custom made: Improvement Works will always go for the best solution for you.

To learn how we could help you, please refer to our contact page.

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